Emperor Penguins


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A tall man next to an Emperor Penguin
Emperor Penguins are the biggest Penguins. They are 120 cm tall and can weigh 40 kilograms.

Emperor penguins have yellow patches around their ears and throat.


brood pouchesEmperor penguins live in the Antarctic. This is the coldest place in the world. In winter it is dark 24 hours a day.

Emperor penguins are the only bird or animal to stay on the Antarctic ice during the winter.


Emperor penguins have their chicks on the ice. emperor and chick
Mothers keep their chicks warm in their brood pouches. They have to be very careful. A chick falling on the ice would die in a few minutes.


Emperor penguins love snow

Emperor Penguins are very tough and strong. They live longer than other penguins despite living in the coldest place.
They can live up to 50 years-old.


Emperor Penguins can dive to 565 meters. This is deeper than any other bird.
Emperors can stay under for more than 20 minutes.

Fun Facts?

Emperor penguins eat fish, squid and Krill.
Emperors huddle together on the ice
They have several layers of feathers. They also huddle together to keep warm.

Mumble in Happy Feet is an Emperor penguin
Mumble in Happy Feet is an Emperor penguin

Penguin Digital Teaching Pack ($2.99)
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