Wonderful materials for English language learners!! Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA

What are the materials?

Fun free learning resources for English language teachers & learners. These include reading, listening, speaking & writing materials for online and classroom use.
- short texts ideal for classroom use
- glossary & activities to accompany texts
- all texts simplified and graded according to level
- fun listening and watching materials


Kieran McGovern is described in Extensive Reading in the Second Language Classroom (Cambridge, 1998) as being 'amongst the best writers of language learner materials in English’.


I really enjoy your reading activities, they are always a hit with my English Conversation Group
Marie, St Gallen, Switzerland

Brilliant work done by Kieran McGovern at @eslreading Slightly ... very envious
. @sjoes

Your site just gets better and better! Wendy Arnold IATEFL - YLSIG

English for Young Learners has links with the British Council, the Extensive Reading Foundation & IATEFL - YLSIG. It also features in
Tips for Teaching with Call.

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