photo by robnunn
photo by robnunn, Flickr Creative Commons

How big are they?
The Adélie penguins are medium size. They are around 70 cm in height.

An Adélie penguin weighs 4 to 5.5 kilos.

Where do they live?
You can find Adélies in Antarctica. They travel further from the sea than other penguins.

Peruvian (Humboldt)

photo by Tomo Yun, Flickr Creative Commons

How big are they?
They are small - around 68cm tall. They weigh 4·5 -5 kg.

Where do they live?
Peruvian Penguin
Peruvian penguins live in the sea in South America.
They make their nests in caves and in sandburrows.

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